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Success Stories

"In the first week, I was able to attract over $10,000 worth of business using The Ben Perry method. If you like simple and authentic, you'll love The Ben Perry Method." 

— Matt Staton

"I filled up my entire program of ten people at $500 each almost effortlessly ($5000 Total). My last two posts have generated over 36 shares and 188 Likes, collectively. I pretty much have chronic engagement on tap." 

— Doron Geber

"Ben Perry, you are a genius. Off the back of your advice in the program I've bagged myself 2 sales of £1500 into my online coaching program in the last 2 days. Got myself a shit tonne of engagement and conversations going. I'd say that's a pretty awesome ROI if you ask me. Have only been in the group for 2 days and we haven't even started on the real content yet." 

— Rob Stevens
"I love Ben but he TOTALLY should have charged for [The 7 Day Organic Engagement Challenge]."
- Landon Porter

"He teaches you how to turn Facebook friends into REAL friends from Facebook... I now have Engagement pretty much on TAP."
- Doron Geber
"You may be on the fence to go for his program... I URGE you to do it... It will give you the knowledge of what you need to do EXACTLY."
- Juliette Stapleton
"Literally within the first week I was able to onboard and attract... EASILY $10,000!"
- Matt Staton
The following was posted on 1/3/18
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